I have enjoyed teaching or assisting teaching a number of courses across a range of subjects. My teaching philosophy includes using the science of learning to promote the tradition of critical inquiry of a liberal education with a rigorous engagement with a course’s substantive material. I have sought out and adopted a number of assignments to enhance my teaching. For instance, a journal assignment allows students to try out new ideas, grapple with difficult passages, raise questions, and develop a habit of focused writing. A summary of my teaching evaluations indicate that students find my teaching effective (but I also acknowledge well known problems with teaching evaluations as measures of teaching effectiveness).

Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

For those interested in learning more about the science of education and learning, I recommend Brown, McDaniel, and Roediger’s Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. If you only have 20 minutes, I recommend this.

Citation Software 

I recommend making the initial small investment of time to set up a (free) citation software program such as Zotero (which I use) or Menedely. It will save you time and prevent frustration.

Courses Taught:

  • Effective Altruism and International Relations (MSc)
  • International Relations: Theories and Approaches (MSc)
  • Global Environmental Politics and Ethics (MA)
  • Global Conflict in The Modern Era (BA)
  • Just War Theory and International Relations (MA)
  • Thesis and Methods in International Relations Research (BA)
  • War and Peacebuilding (BA)